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Soul Savvy! Exploring the many fascinating facets of human personalities. Why?! Introversion; Myers-Briggs. The 16 Types; Idealists. INFJ; INFP; ENFJ; ENFP; RationalsSocionics; EIE Socionics; Dialectic-Algorhitmic Cognition Socionics; ESE Socionics; LSE Socionics; SEE Socionics; EII Socionics; John Calvin Protestant Reformer: Aleksandr Dugin: Nicholas of Cusa: Byung-Chul Han Philosopher: 1-2-7 "The Teacher" Tritype archetypes

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Socionics的翻译资料好少,不过里面有个关于面相的 ,据说是根据多个人脸,计算机合成出一张综合脸型 ...
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"THEY" <_< DONT WANT YOU TO READ THIS. First of all I'm an INTP; my dad and brother are both INTJ's so i know the difference between these two types like the back of my hand. Elon is definitely an INTP, his behaviour alone is evidence enough of th...
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Dec 06, 2016 · How Subtypes create “Pseudo-Types” In Socionics, there is the so-called “ Inert/Contact ” subtype system. According to it, people can either be the “Inert” (first function) subtype, or the “Contact” (second function) subtype – or neither (“no subtype”).
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Welcome to the Socionics Typings wiki. We're a collaborative community website about typing celebrities in the personality system called Socionics, a Russian model based oln Carl Jung's teachings of personality type and Anton Kepinsky's model of information metabolism. A collaborative project typing celebrities in Socionics, both fictive and real. Main Page edited by Entropic08 20 seconds ...
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function: ennea: variant: socio: psycho: ENTJ 1: 3w4 1
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LIE generalizes and logically analyses any situations and events, details disturb him a little. He sees regularities of processes in the nature and society. LIE easily investigates a development of events in time. He can generate unordinary, "risky", perspective ideas of global value.
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Extroverted Logic (Te,) LIEs are impelled to accumulate and contribute useful, productive, and relevant information. They may accumulate such factual knowledge in matters they find useful, either because it's their professional field, or something they find interesting and of potential use in the future. |Syvecs software|Honda l15a turbo
Socionics is based upon the idea that a person's character acts like a block called "psychological functions," which are based in both Carl Jung's psychological types as well as the theory of the Id, Super-Ego, and Ego from Sigmund Freud.
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In Socionics, there is the so-called "Inert/Contact" subtype system. According to it, people can either be the "Inert" (first function) subtype, or the "Contact" (second function) subtype - or neither ("no subtype"). ... How Subtypes create "Pseudo-Types" ... And if the LIE could be mistyped as either at different times by different ...|Ideazon zboard drivers windows 10|Umod commands rust
Socionics is a model of personality based on Carl Jung's work on Psychological Types, ... LIE, and LSE, are characterized by energetic and proactive behavior. Introverted Rational Temperament. Introverted rational types, namely the LII, LSI, ESI, and EII, are characterized by slow and methodical behavior.
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LIE- Te : The ENTj Logical Subtype Description by V. Meged and A. Ovcharov The logical subtype offers the impression of mobility despite being a strict and efficient person. Their expression lacks emotion and focuses directly, in a fixed manner, on the interlocutor for the sake of emphasis.
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Socionics, in psychology and sociology, is a theory of information processing and personality type, distinguished by its information model of the psyche (called "Model A") and a model of interpersonal relations. It incorporates Carl Jung's work on Psychological Types with Antoni Kępiński's theory of information metabolism. Socionics is a ... |Standard inner product for matrix|Examples of immiscible liquids
In socionics, a Logical Intuitive Extrovert; Lie (obstetrics), an obstetrical term for the axis of the foetus; In mathematics (named after Sophus Lie): Lie algebra; Lie bracket; Lie derivative; Lie group. Group of Lie type; Lie sphere geometry; Lie theory; Carathéodory-Jacobi-Lie theorem
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Imo all socionics types map to mbti, (except j/p switched for I). But because socionics descriptions are much less horoscope like I think fewer MBTI ENTJs (because I think a lot of them are mistyped ESPs) will identify with ENTj.
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This is a discussion on ENTJs who are also LIEs in socionics, what's your subtype? within the ENTJ Forum - The Executives forums, part of the NT's Temperament Forum- The Intellects category; LIE subtypes - Wikisocion Are you more intuitive or logical? I actually came upon this when I wanted to know ...
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If I’m completely honest, this entire article has been a lie. Almost. The use of “functions” in socionics is completely off. While the word “function” is used in socionics, it has a different meaning than it does in Myers-Briggs theory.
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World Socionics Society. 660 likes · 132 talking about this. We are devoted to the exploration and application of Socionics, run by psychologist, Jack Oliver Aaron. To find out your Socionics type,...|Vintage cerwin vega speakers|Pro 12 specs
Socionics的翻译资料好少,不过里面有个关于面相的 ,据说是根据多个人脸,计算机合成出一张综合脸型 ...
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Imo all socionics types map to mbti, (except j/p switched for I). But because socionics descriptions are much less horoscope like I think fewer MBTI ENTJs (because I think a lot of them are mistyped ESPs) will identify with ENTj.
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Socionics: LIE-Te What others are saying Richard Ramirez (The Night Stalker), born 29 February was an American serial killer, rapist and burglar who murdered 13 people between June 1984 to August He died on on 7 June aged from b-cell lymphoma while on death row.
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They may also channel their criticism into humor typically coated with irony, cynicism, witticisms, and sarcasm. Like LIEs, they may be inclined to see others around them as essentially ignorant or incompetent, and sarcastic responses directed towards individuals whose ideas they see as foolish can be commonplace. Super-Ego Block|Rops inspection|Hp ilo 4 commands cheat sheet
LIE does not recognise authorities but allows for hierarchies. He is restless, therefore the best rest for LIE is a great, grandiose, noble matter costing to devote to it the whole life. LIE feels internal disharmony if he has not proper means for a realization of his plans, requires the fitting material maintain for all vital needs.
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The DCNH subtype system is a system of 4 subtypes. It is quite different from the 2 subtype theory because it incorporates new dichotomies to define the 4 subtypes. While the 2 subtype system generally stays within the bounds of classical socionics, the DCNH system essentially adds entirely new concepts.
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World Socionics Society is the biggest society of socionists in the English-speaking world with a member-count of 2,000+ and growing. This channel publicises...
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Socionics and Homosexuality. ... Consider an IEI who grew up with an LIE, LII, LSE. Their supervisor, beneficiary and conflicting partners, like Cinderella, if Cinderella was an angsty, sloppy, artistic teen who cannot live up to the INTj anal standards of structure, the ENTj constantly looking down upon her, the ESTj unable to understand why ...